Bill Moser

After a career teaching high school English, Moser earned an MFA in Creative Writing, and has published a couple books: Family Plot and Maximillian and the Man With No Nose, both available on 

Moser has created paintings for as long as he can remember and throughout elementary and high school had items submitted to Scholastic contests. 

After retirement, he continued to both paint and write, and focuses mostly on art currently.

He has been married for 52 years and had one child, a son Daniel, who died in an accident many years ago.

Despite that, he and his wife have a wealth of chosen family: a son and daughter,  nine grandchildren, and more "cousins" than he can count.

Moser particularly likes the challenge of large pieces, particularly religious paintings that enhance worship in churches. Christ and the Children hangs in the Children's Chapel at St. John the Evangelist, Episcopal, Flossmoor, IL

Bill says: "I’m all about the process. I paint how I feel based on experience and experiences. When I’m finished, people to bring their own narrative to the works, and find things I didn’t know are in them.

"I don’t limit myself to one style: I paint both human and pet portraits, religious art, abstracts, and landscapes. In all my work, the styles inform each other. 

"While some people would suggest I don't have a particular style, I disagree. I paint how I feel at the moment. Sometimes the pictures emerge from the canvas, sometimes I have definite images in my head, and sometimes, I'm all about color."

Commission a Pet Portrait


Commission a Pet Portrait

Portraits are acrylic on stretched canvas, 16 x 20 inches.


If you want a portrait of your pet, contact Moser. He will ask for several good, clear photographs of the animal. He will require no deposit. If you don't like the painting, you are not obligated to buy it.  

Stations of the cross

Christ dies on the cross

Christ dies on the cross


The Stations of the Cross are acrylic on cradled 11 x 14 inch panels

Christ dies on the cross

Christ dies on the cross

Christ dies on the cross


The entire set is available for $2,500

Simon of Cyrene takes Jesus' Cross

Simon of Cyrene takes Jesus' Cross

Simon of Cyrene takes Jesus' Cross


With churches currently closed, create your own Stations of the Cross

Mary receives Christ's body

Simon of Cyrene takes Jesus' Cross

Simon of Cyrene takes Jesus' Cross


If you have questions contact me at

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Bill Moser has his painting studio in the South Suburbs of Chicago. 

If you wish to get in touch with him to purchase paintings or commission a portrait, please use the form at the left to send a message, and he will get in touch with you as soon as he can.

If you are local and can come look at paintings, Moser can give you a discount on shipping.

If you represent a religious institution, Moser can talk with you at length about what you want, and show you pieces in situ.

Homewood, Illinois, United States